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Just like anything else, this blog is something that is in the works. It’s basically a place where I write down my thoughts or random things, but the main purpose here is to keep me inspired and motivated to create something new. So much so, that I’ve become a bit obsessive in it. A lot of my ideas come from the way things are, and that’s the part I really like about this blog.

One of the things that makes me want to create something new is that I keep being amazed that I can always come up with something new. It’s one of those things that you have to build something, and then the fact that you can always find something to build on is pretty amazing. Although I will admit, I have been a bit of a perfectionist in the past.

In my opinion, being a perfectionist is a self-perpetuating cycle. Because I am always striving for perfection, I come up with a lot of things that don’t make sense. When I think of perfection, I think of a clean slate, and I feel like I can’t mess up. That feeling of being able to do something wrong, yet still be able to achieve perfection is what I call the “perfectionist’s mentality.

I call it the upekuzi mentality. You can tell if you are one of the perfectionists by how often you tend to write down all the imperfections in your life. Your friends and family are probably not perfect either. If you’re a perfectionist, you feel that you have to be 100% perfect in order to be able to achieve perfection.

I think this is a great thing. No one is perfect. No one can ever be 100 perfect. How many people on the internet are perfect? How many people on the internet are actually good? How many people on the internet are actually decent? I think we all want to achieve perfection. We all want to be perfect.

That last point is very important. Yes, we all want to be perfect, but we also want to be good. We all want to be decent. We want to treat our friends and family with love, respect, and kindness. We often do not realize that it is our actions that create the state of being. We don’t realize that we are what we choose to be. We are actions. Actions are what make us who we are. Actions are that which create our future.

We do not create actions. We create habits of actions and there is no such thing as a conscious choice in this case. We choose to be decent. We choose to be good. We choose to be loving. This is why we have to get better at making choices. People ask us, “how do you think you got to be this great?” and the answer is, “I didn’t. I just think about what I am and what I want.

I don’t think we are good or bad, I think we are actions. At this time of life when we choose to be decent, to be good, to be loving, we create habits of actions. What I call this is habit of action. What is it that makes someone a decent person, good, loving, and so on. I think about all the good things I did and all the good choices I made.

In the past, I have asked people to give me a list of good things they have done and then I have asked them to list the bad things they have done and then I have asked if I can learn from their bad actions. This is called the habit of action. In the case of the good people, I ask what habits of actions they have.

In the case of the bad people, I ask them if they think I can learn from their bad actions.

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