tumblr deleted my blog


I don’t know if it was the way the internet works, but Tumblr decided to delete my blog. I think I was just a little too busy to notice. Apparently, Tumblr didn’t want me on there anymore, which was probably the main reason. I don’t know how it got there, but I’ve blocked it and started over.

The reason Tumblr deleted my blog is because I took some content off and put it on another site. Apparently, the more stuff on the web that’s made me unhappy, the less people want to read it.

I have no idea why Tumblr did this, I just know that I was annoyed enough that I removed all of my content from it. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t particularly popular as a blog, so this should be easy to rectify.

The new Tumblr is not quite as bad as the old one, but it still has a couple of things to improve. The first being that it has no category for blogs. This is a terrible idea because everyone knows that Tumblr is a giant blog directory, and if you want to have a category for your own site, you can’t just put a category on tumblr, because you’ll get banned.

The other thing that the new Tumblr has is a section called “Blogs” where you can post photos, videos, and links to your site. This is a great idea because it allows you to post whatever you want, without having to worry about it being seen as spam. Tumblr is very much a community-based platform, and you should be able to post anything to tumblr without worrying about it being categorized as spam.

Tumblr is still a community-based platform, so it’s really not a bad idea to post anything to it without worrying about it being categorized as spam. But the problem is that Tumblr has a bad habit of deleting blogs that have been posted over the past few weeks. A few months ago, someone posted a link to my blog to Tumblr. I thought it was a mistake and I deleted it, but that didn’t stop a lot of tumblr friends from sharing my blog with their own.

Tumblr’s existence is a big influence on the way we think about Tumblr, but Tumblr’s owner is actually quite intelligent, so let’s just say that Tumblr is a good place to start.

I have been thinking about this for a while. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Tumblr is a perfect place to find information about what people are blogging about, and what the relationship between blogging and technology is. It’s a very interesting medium.

Tumblr is a perfect place for the sharing of news, but it’s still really hard to get a good link from it, nor to get a good idea of what people are blogging about. It’s funny that you don’t think about the technology anymore.

I have been a bit quiet on the blog front for a while. Things have been a bit busy at work, so I haven’t been blogging. I also have to admit, there has been a lot of stuff going on this year that I have been unable to share. My wife and I were married for 10 years. We have a son who is in college. Then there is this blog, a blog that has been my baby since I started it in 2007.

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