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I would like to take a moment to thank the amazing, talented, and funny ladies that help make this blog possible (especially those that are my friends). Without their assistance, I wouldn’t have the chance to do what I do.

I have a great team of writers for this blog, and without them I wouldnt be able to create this forum. Thank you all for making it possible for me to continue this awesome hobby and to offer ideas for people who are on the fence about the game industry.

I’m so glad you’re here! This is my first time on the tcc blog, so please take a moment to read my first blog post if you have not already.

I started this blog to share my opinions, experiences, and thoughts about video games and video game related news. You can check it out here or on I do my best to keep the discussion relevant and focused on what I believe to be the current state of things.

I don’t have any experience with tcc, but I’m on the fence about it being a video game blog. It’s written by a guy who grew up with a Nintendo Gameboy. I’m not sure if that qualifies him as a video game blogger, but it shows. And there’s no shortage of people who have been writing about video games and video game related news for years on

tcc is my favorite video game chat site. In fact, I could spend the entire day in there doing my best to give you a good rundown of the latest news. A lot of the time it works more like a chat room than anything else. I like it.

The purpose of tcc is to be a place where you, the user, can talk about any topic you want. No one will be banned from tcc, but if you want to discuss something specific then you will be encouraged to post. It also serves to provide a place for gamers to air their opinions and reactions about games. The most popular thing on is the “Ask TCC” feature where you can ask questions and post responses to them.

tcc is a good way to discuss games with a small group of people. Just be careful you can’t be a troll. I know a lot of people find tcc to be a little touchy but this is a very casual, friendly place to hang out.

As a general rule, I agree with the above statement. TCC is a friendly place with a variety of people. You can chat with the staff, ask questions, and even post your own responses to questions and answers on the site.

I personally like tcc because it is a great place to post questions and get answers in a matter of minutes. Of course the site is also a great place to post links. In fact, I like to write my own tcc links for other people to read. I think it’s a great way to show off your work (and get links).

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