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I was recently asked if my blog, Chloë with a Blog, was a good idea. I told her that it was a good idea to come and enjoy reading her blog. I also told her that I would never tell anyone her blog was a good idea because that would be a lie. I also said that I would never tell her that she was stupid because that would be a lie, too.

I feel that we as a society are a bit too quick to judge people for their “innate” qualities. We look at things as if they were “created in God’s image.” Of course this isn’t true, but we’ve been taught to look beyond that. But when it comes to people’s character, we judge people based on their personality. I mean, I’m sure that some people are genuinely nice, but if you ask me to judge how a person acts, I will.

We can and should judge people on their personality as well. But, when it comes to judging people, what I am really looking at is their actions. I don’t care whether they are a dog or a human, but I will judge their actions.

So whats Chloe doing here? Well, she was the first character from Dog with a Blog I have seen that I believe is actually interesting. She has a blog, and she is an active blogger. But the interesting part is that she is taking the time to write things about her dog, who she thinks is a bit of a jerk.

This actually reminded me of something I was thinking about earlier. I had decided that I should make my blog a bit more personal, so I started writing about my dog, and now I am working on adding a bit more content about my real life.

It’s not the content that’s interesting, it’s the writing. I think part of what makes a blog so interesting is that it’s personal. If you are writing about other people, then you’re not only making a point about something that you think is important, you are also giving something back to the readers by sharing your personal knowledge with them. When I write blogs about my dog, I’m giving the readers something I’ve learned in the process.

I love that you give a little bit of yourself to your readers without having to ask them for money.

At I write about my dog, Chloe, who is a rescue dog who lives with my sister and me and has developed a love for running and hiking. We also have a blog about my dog with a slightly different focus. I write about my pets, and occasionally I write about my life. I don’t have a blog about my life. I am not comfortable doing that.

Now that you know I want a blog about myself, I have to ask you a question.

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